Center Township La Porte

United Way

Without the support and funding that we received from United Way we would have more people living on the streets homeless. With the grant funding of $30,000 we were able to help with first month and deposit to house those that were currently homeless. We were able to fund more in rental assistance using the United Way and Township funding together. 

Unity Foundation

This year again, we wrote a grant for emergency housing and our Crock-pot Friday classes. We received $3000.00 for each. With this funding we are able to put a client in a hotel until we can get them into shelter or housing. With the Crock-Pot funding we are able to continue this class and also take it into the school system again. This helps the students learn how to not only cook a meal in a crock-pot but also a meal that usually averages $5.00 or under.


Center Township La Porte residents who meet township guidelines may apply for financial assistance with their rent, utility bills, as well as, for food and clothing. Any Center Township resident in need of assistance is encouraged to apply below or call the Trustee’s Office at 219.362.2736.


Our food pantry days are still Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are open 9-4 for food distribution. We are taking your order at the door. We will then ask you to go back to your car and we will bring out. We are asking that you only request what you truly NEED and not just WANT. 

Please do NOT leave a message, At this time we are unable to access our voice messages on our phone system.

Our shelves are still stocked and we will be making our pickup from the food bank on Thursday.

Nobody should be hungry with all of the pantries still open. But PLEASE, only take what is needed. We must help all those in need.

Monday: 9am – 12pm

Wednesday: 9am – 12pm

Friday: 9am – 12pm


The Pax Center

605 Washington St, La Porte, IN 46350

P: (219) 575-7842

Food Pantry Hours
Mon: 9AM–12PM
Wed: 9AM-12PM
Fri: 9AM-12PM

Salvation Army

3240 Monroe Street
La Porte, IN 46350
P: (219) 326-5342

Food Pantry Hours
Mon: 1-3 PM
Tues: 10-12 PM
Thurs: 4-6 PM

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

109 C Street
La Porte, IN 46350
P: (219) 362-9595

Food Pantry Hours
Mon: 4-5 PM


La Porte Community Public School Corporation

Grab-and-Go Meals
Breakfast & Lunch

Sites: Riley Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Hailman Elementary, Kingsford Heights Elementary, LaPorte High School, and Allesee Park

Dates: Monday-Friday from 10 AM-12 PM

Michigan City Public School Corporation

Weekly Supplies of Food
Supplies will include breakfast and lunch
An adult must pick up food packets.

Sites: Barker Middle School, Krueger Middle School, Elston Building, and Knapp Elementary School from 7AM-9AM and 4PM-6PM.

Dates: March 18th, March 23rd, and March 30th

New Prarie United School Corporation

Weekly Supplies of Food
Supplies will include breakfast and lunch

Sites: Rolling Prairie Elementary (12 PM-2PM CST) and New Prairie Middle School (3PM-6PM CST)

Dates: Every Monday


Salvation Army

To-Go Meals

3240 Monroe Street

La Porte, IN 46350
P: (219) 326-5342

The Salvation Army Mobile Food truck will be serving to-go meals. Meals are served in a drive-through style. There is no need to get out of one’s car.

Dates: Monday-Friday from 5:15-6:30 PM

La Porte County Meals On Wheels

Mobile Food
P: (219) 369-6483

Meals on Wheels will deliver food to the elderly in LaPorte County. Sign up online.

Delivery takes two days to begin.

City Of La Porte

Government Offices

The City of LaPorte is encouraging its employees to practice social distancing. City Hall is open by telephone and email only.

Shutoffs and late payment charges are currently suspended.

Utility Payments:
P: (219) 362-3175

Engineering / Permits:
P: (219) 362-2327

P: (219) 324-7126

Public Records: